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Potion of Gaseous Form: Consuming this potion will cause the drinker to transform into wispy mist, able to travel at their normal rate in any direction or location air can move in, such as though an open window on a high tower or the bars of a prison door. As a mist they are immune to physical damage but can be harmed by magic. The magic lasts 10 minutes but the caster can transform back at any time. In all cases the magic is dispelled.
Air Spring: This hard blue disk, approximately seven inches in diameter, can be triggered into a spring of fresh air, lasting 12 hours. They air flow is sufficient to enable a group of 30 people to breath freely. The pressure is sufficient to clear any fog, mists or noxious air around it immediate vicinity but not liquids. However should it used in an inclosed space such as an overturned boat it will displace the water to a moderate depth.
Direwolf Cloak of Black Angus:Made from the thick pelt of an enormous black wolf. A cursed garment that afflicts the wearer with a canine aspect and a terrible lust for flesh. Once worn by the reaver chief Black Angus of Mandoliabefore was cut down in an enchanted sleep. Now worn by Hogarth. + 1 strength, +1 constitution, -1 charisma, +1 armour class worn as cloak or as +1 leather. A fumble (1) in combat wearer must devour nearest enemy alive or dead, attack = 1d3 bite until end of encounter.
Evil Sacrificial Dagger:A strange dagger with wavy blade which causes unease to those near it. The dagger whispers in men's sleep, causing terrible nightmares. +1. stolen byCalem the cultistupon the death of Lentule. Snatched by Darcy O'Toole even as Calem fell to his death.
a reroll of the first hitfirsthit against them per session.
Items departed with heroes who have wandered to distant lands
Braid of Tresses- Plaited of the hair of the Giantess Gefreydihovir. Acts as a rope of Climbing and Entanglement. Departed mysteriously after the death of its owner, Deckhard.
Bronze Longsword- a battered bronze longsword with a greenish tint to it.The sword functions as aLongsword +1, +2 damage. Taken from the Isle of the Cadodemon.
Dragonscale brooch -A brooch carved from a White dragon scale. Enchanted to give the wearer an armour class of 12. (As bracers of defence)

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