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Unnamed hirelings suffer a -2hp penalty
Higher level hirelings- Hirelings total hit dice is equal to your hireling cap. Higher level hirelings may have hit dice equal to half the player character level rounded down.
e.g. Tamrik is level 4, he may have a total of 5 hirelings. Tamrik ops for 2 hirelings with 2 hit dice + 1 hireling with 1 hit dice. 3 hirelings total with 5 hit dice combined.
Magic Items
Magic Inflation - In order to avoid magic item inflation and to maintain the Conanesque setting magic items should preferably limited use or limited scope. More powerful items should have flaws or complications.
Flavourful Descriptions - All magic items must have at minimum a unique name, and preferably an interesting description. Magic items without a name do not work.

Initiative - Each side rolls 1d6 at the beginning of each round and then acts in order of dexterity.
Weapons and Hands - Characters using naturally two-handed weapons roll their damage twice and use the higher score. Those using two weapons at the same time receive +1 to hit. Those using normal weapons with two hands receive +1 to damage rolls.

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