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Salle - Something on the side.
Symon - Spear and shield, every time.
Sara - A lass with a flair for adventure.
Barshiva - The cook.
Tamrik's Hirelings:
Grisknak (5) - A degenerate pygmy man with a greenish serpent hue, found in the caves of Anazar. He wears a cowl in the day to conceal his features.Strong and cunning with a taste for flesh. -1 at day +1 at night.
Murander -A brave warrior bard who struck up a patriotic song to raise the somnolent nobles of Shinkara at the death of Belag the Cripple.
Bilal (6) , a young Ilbarzi lad. Washer of pots, polisher of armour and taster of food. Cunning, loyal and quick witted so well regarded by Tamrik.
Devip (7), a young wizard and scribe fromDholakpor. A pleasant and amenable fellow, if someone over-fascinated by esoteric magics.
Knows Light, Detect Magic, Cure Light Wounds, ReadLanguages, Magic Missile.

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