Comparing versions of Hirelings

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Chuwah's companions:
Domenico, a Cantabrian archer. Chain mail, longbow, shortsword, dagger, buckler, horse. AC15 with buckler, 14 without.
Honest Geb, a self-proclaimed honest man of uncertain origin.plate mail, longbow, rapier, dagger, buckler, horse, enchanted great axe +1 (on loan). AC 16.
Gor and Mor, brothers. Both wear plate mail and are armedLyasha, a huntress thought to be from the Sleshian coast. Leather, buckler, 2 daggers, blowpipe (with poison), bandolier of 6 darts with 6 more in pack. AC 13 with buckler, 12 without.
Armand du Lac, a halberdier from the Veliconne Baronies.Plate mail,
halberds, shortsword, shield and sling. Both are mounted. Mor has 7hp. AC17. GorAC16 (17 if using sword and shield). Armand also has a heavy crossbow with 20 quarrels, Mor a longbow with 20 arrows.quarrels.
All four are mounted.

Rakin's rabble:
Meek, partial plate, shield, longsword, spear, sling and 20 shots. AC 16.
Lysen, chain mail,shield, longsword, spear, sling and 20 shots. AC 15.
Fulgen, leather, shield, longsword, spear, sling and 20 shots. AC 13.

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