Comparing versions of Former Hirelings

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Vance, A coward yes, but a coward with a heavy crossbow and good aim. Filled with arrows at the Dark Keep.
Vulgar Sandy, Rotten through and through, but fiercely loyalto Hogarth for some unspoken reason. Died in the Dark Keep. Was still swearing at the end despite an arrow through his throat.
Baz, a fellow fleeing from Althume Polk. Killed by a spiders bite.
Mor, a stalwart fellow heavily armoured, none of which availed him against a single mighty blow from a steppe-nomad adventurer.
Domenico, a Cantabrian archer, slain by a lighting bolt from a storm elemental.
Honest Geb, a self-proclaimed honest man of uncertain origin, slain by a lighting bolt from a storm elemental .
Armand du Lac, a halberdier from the Veliconne Baronies, grievously injured by a lighting bolt from a storm elemental, then slain by another such when sent by Chuwah to retrieve Geb's enchanted axe..

Soon - One of Mazapan's retainers, thought only to be A servant with some skill in cooking, butchery, and skinning, Soon in fact proved to have been his apprentice.
Zerah - Survived the wyvern carnage where Sallas and all his other followers fell.
Salazar - A somewhat camp aesthete and no match for fearsome hillman. Survived Zerah but not long enough to make a difference.

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