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Lizardmen - Tall and powerfully built reptilian humanoids, fast of attackand savage.They fight with claws and fangs but show signs of intelligence and have been known to throw spears. Their origin is uncertain, but those encountered had come from a fetid jungle through a magical portal in the Tower of the Sun.Since, they have been encountered in the Sleshian jungle.
Ratlings - Curious men-rats or rat-men, three foot tall, they speak in a high pitched squealing toneand fight with daggers, shortswords, slings and bows. Encountered in the vicinity and lower parts of the Tower of the Sun.
Shadows - Curious beings of living (or unliving)shadow from the outer darkness.Intangible and affected only by magic, their icy touch drains strength, though such returns with rest and time.
Troglodytes - In physique similar to lizardmen except for their albino scales and and an overpowering stench. Encountered beneath the limestone hills ofCanabriawhere they dwelt in a crude cavern encampment.
Harpies- Vicious birds bigger than a man, their faces resemble human women and their song can overpower a man's senses and possesses their mind.
Piercers- Strange worms who hang like stalactites in deep caverns. Dropping on the unwary and devouring them with 3 powerful fangs.

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