Comparing versions of Fenandez d'Blatter

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Healing Potion
Ring of Warning (+1 initiative)
XP: 8653
GP: 0
Missa - A blonde waif from the Canabrian Baronies, who has survived without seemingly done anything useful.
Carrick - A youngish lad who just seemed to have joined at somepoint along the road who manages to stay employed by doing all the little odd jobs that crop up.
Silvio - An aging former upper servant from one of the great Foznak families, who's fall from grace is uncertain but certainly involved bedding beyond his station.
Erion - The miller's daughter from Cillici, promoted from cook girl to front line fighter.

Mags Mac Dairncuff - A girl from Mac Dairncuff, who can make a fine pot of porridge, but sadly little else.

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